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We will find the right candidate for you who meets your requirements and fits perfectly into your company and your project.


Developers who work full-time for you.


Our developers also work part-time.

On site

On request also on site in the company.


Developers do not always have to be on site.

Recruiting, Kandidat, Programmierer
Ansprechpartner, Support

Contact Person

We are your contact and you don't have to worry about the applicants or the application process.

Zeitersparnis, Suche

Time Saving

We get your requirements and look for suitable candidates for you, you decide at the end.

Kompetenz, Übersicht, CV


We put every candidate to the acid test, so we only place top developers with you.

Planungssicherheit, Planung

Planning Reliability

The developer works for you exactly as agreed, so you can plan your projects safely.

Wide Range of Top Developers

Our spectrum of top developers includes a variety of programming languages, operating systems, frameworks, and development environments.
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No suitable Developer found?

No problem. Send us your individual requirements.

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