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Project details

It was important for AppMatrix to present the work of Nikel Trockenservice in such a way that customers could better imagine the high quality services. The company’s good documentation enabled the individual projects to be prepared and attractively presented. Interactive elements help with the visualization of the different services.

  • Attractive product presentation
  • High clarity & usability
  • Bundled presentation of comprehensive services
  • Interactive elements for better service presentation

Nikel Trockenservice

Nikel Trockenservice has been successfully active in the construction industry for several years and has realised many different projects. This should be reflected by the redesign of the website. It was particularly important to the enterprise to present the services attractively and comprehensively, in order to convince customers of the quality, authority and experience.


AppMatrix took on the challenge of designing a website for a mid-sized construction company that provided a broad portfolio of services. These have to be presented in an appealing and accessible way for customers, which was also realized with the outstanding online presence.