Android app


Android 2.2+, JSON, zxing (barcode scanner)

Project details

AppMatrix received the order to develop an intuitive tool that helps users to shop more consciously:

Buyers scan the barcode of an article and receive information about the product (prices on local online shopping sites, prices on international online shopping sites, direct offers from the trade, article specifications and ratings). By comparing the information, users can select the best offer for a particular product and add value to their shopping experience.

  • Intuitive Tool
  • Quick price comparisons possible
  • National and international online comparisons
  • Article ratings

Aport – Comprehensive price comparison tool

Aport is a complex, free bar code scanner that helps people make informed purchasing decisions. The client is a leading dating network in Russia and Eastern Europe whose goal was to launch a mobile e-commerce application on the Android platform. Two languages are supported – Russian and English. The language is automatically selected according to the settings of the device language.


AppMatrix had the task of designing an app that gave users more responsibility to make better purchasing decisions.