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Outstanding websites

The wow-factor will impress your users so they will want to visit your website again and learn more about you.

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Intuitive Web Design

Straightforward and easy-to-use websites for an intuitive user experience.

Responsive Webdesign, Design.

Responsive Web Design

In order to support all users, your web presence should look impressive on all end devices.

First impressions matter

The first impression is important and what a visitor experiences immediately when he lands on your website can determine whether he stays and becomes a potential customer or whether he goes somewhere else. As more and more people stream onto websites with their phones and tablets, it is critical for companies to create an engaging digital presence that takes users to a smooth, interactive and clear experience.

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World class design

Beautiful and effective web design is not only the result of creative developers. It is the result of years of UI and UX experience, immersed in the latest trends and technologies in graphic design and using innovative, appealing development techniques. We develop unique and high-quality websites that you won't find anywhere else.

Cross-device compatibility

You want potential customers to have the best possible digital experience, whether they're viewing your website on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. AppMatrix's passionate team of web designers and developers create powerful, engaging websites that look great across all screen sizes, browsers and operating systems and deliver a positive user experience to the user.

Web Development & Extensions

Besides a nice design, we also offer the following services and extensions for your new website:

Responsive Design

PC, tablet or smartphone: Every user utilizes the Internet in his or her own way. For this reason, it is important that your website adapts to all end devices individually.

Unique Content

Unique and target group-oriented contents bind readers, give your website its own personality and ensure an optimal search engine placement.


With multilingual websites, you can reach more users and open up new sales markets on a global level.

Blog article

With high-quality articles you keep your website up-to-date and strengthen the communication as well as the trust to new visitors and existing customers.

On-Page SEO

Every website development includes a basic On-Page Optimization, so that your website is at the top of the search engine rankings.


With analytics tools, you can gain insight into the origin, language, and duration of visitors to your website and adjust your marketing strategy.


Maximize your sales and offer your products successfully on the Internet.



Forums give visitors the opportunity to share ideas and discuss topics among themselves. This is especially important for branding.

Intelligent forms

Usability is a must on the Internet. User-friendly forms are clearly arranged and promote interaction with your customers.

Calendars and Events

With an integrated calendar you can draw attention to special events and strengthen the community.


Increase the protection of your website, because infected websites harm you and your customers.


After completion of your website, we will continue to advise you, take over maintenance or offer training. We are also happy to support you with other relevant topics.

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