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Keyword-Recherche, Keywords,suchmaschine

Keyword Researcg

Useful keywords increase the chance that the website will be found much easier and better via search engines.

Seitenoptimierung, Analyse

Page Optimisation

We analyse the website to identify the areas in which there is a need to adapt the Internet presence.

Inhaltsoptimierung, SEO, SEA

Content Optimization

The content of the website can also be optimised and adapted so that search engines can find the website more easily.



The analysis of user behaviour helps to understand where users come from and how the site is perceived.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has the reputation of being overly complicated, technical and constantly changing. Fortunately, our SEO specialists bring a unique passion to close the gap between non-technical executives and the success of marketing. From keyword research to page optimization, link building, content writing and user metrics tracking, we implement different SEO practices that gradually improve your search engine ranking.

Suchmaschine, SEO, Website

A website
should be loved

When you develop a website, it should be one that is loved by search engines. With every outstanding AppMatrix layout, proven and true SEO techniques are used to help your business get ranked in search engine results. Whether you attract website visitors from Cologne or any other city in the world, we build a website that they can easily be found and to which they want to return.

Search Engine Advertising

The SEA, also known as PPC or Pay Per Click, is the process of direct advertising on Google and other similar search engines. This means more traffic to your website through digital advertising. Here it is important to identify the right market, define keywords and create highly relevant ad texts. AppMatrix supports you in this. But we go even further: our campaigns don't just stop after the ad has been published. We constantly measure, review and report on digital advertising initiatives to ensure you get the best results.

The Power of SEA

The strength of digital advertising lies in immediate, measurable and targeted results, determined by consumer behaviour, demographics, geography, context and time. Effective digital advertising helps build an online presence, generates brand presence, increases click-throughs to websites, increases customer reach and ultimately increases revenue.

AdWords, Werbung


With AdWords, your advertising is displayed directly in the search engine, based on user keywords.

AdSense, Produktplacement, Website, Produkt


Adsense displays your ads on other websites that match your product.

Pay-per-Click, Werbung, PPC


With PPC, you only pay for your digital advertising if it is clicked.

Display Advertising, Werbung, SEO

Display Advertising

Display advertising is ideal for establishing your brand and attracting new customers to your website.

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