Connecting ideas and users

A good idea needs not only a good implementation, but also a good marketing, so that users know about it. We at AppMatrix help from the beginning with a sophisticated strategy, so that your vision becomes reality. For this we use different tools, which we compile individually according to your needs.


User research

What do users of IT solutions want? What opportunities do new ideas have?

Marktforschung, Konkurrenz

Market research

Which IT solutions are already on the market? Who are the competitors and where are their weaknesses?

Markenstrategie, Marke, Corporate Identity

Brand strategy

What is the most effective way to bring the new product to the user? What are the best ways to do this?

Produkt, Roadmap,


What do the individual steps of the product look like? What needs to be invested and when to be successful?


Successful establishment
of your idea

We take your brand and your idea for which you have worked so hard to bring it to the world through marketing campaigns. We prepare you comprehensively with the necessary key figures and strategies, as well as an impressive web presence. In this way we help you to achieve presence through expert placement, execution and delivery.

If you would like to talk to us about your idea, just contact us.

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