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The No Logic setting starts him off with the Pegasus Boots, since that mode heavily relies on glitches and the Boots make them easier to execute. The Customizer gives players the option of starting with any equipment of their choosing; “Casual Boots”, i.e. Link starts his adventure with the Fighter Sword and Pegasus Boots, is a popular preset among racers.

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  • This extended Hyrule includes some areas copied from previous games, so they fit right in with ALTTP’s style.
  • Overall it sounds like a cutting-the-edge feature, however, most games held on to the tile engine.

Only Link, the Legendary Hero, can fight the power and minions of the dark king. The final up keeper of the spell dwells in the dungeon of restless souls… A new and powerful tribe has emerged from the darkness to threaten Hyrule. Link begins his quest to gather the scattered pages of the legendary Book of Mudora, all the while growing stronger and settling conflicts throughout the land.

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Pocket Hard Case

Adding new features to both versions would require maintaining two completely separate codebases and writing almost every feature twice. I simply cannot allow my ability to improve this project be inhibited by inferior applications or devices that do not properly emulate expansion chips. You may think it’s not fair that I’m ignoring your system, but what’s actually not fair is holding everyone else back from a better practice hack. For the game HUD, almost every reference to its WRAM buffer has been changed to a location in BWRAM where the SA-1 can see it. Once the HUD’s buffer has been modified by the game, it copies a handful of variables that are only visible to the SNES CPU into memory that is visible to both the SNES and the SA-1.

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Echoing the desire for a widescreen mode, because that’s really the only thing I’d want added to it. I hope someone uses the LTTP Redux romhack as the basis of an inevitable port. And that’s what that programmer did — they took A Link to the Past, which had extensive documentation through past decompilation projects and whatnot, and reimplemented it in C/C++.

You’d never believe how many silly games I tested on the Analogue Pocket. The hefty Pokemon Pinball for Game Boy, complete with built-in “rumble pak” functionality. Yep, it still works, so long as I put a fresh AAA battery in there. The PCB is noticeably thicker (1.6 mm) than normal GB carts (0.8 mm) though this isn’t a huge drawback in my book. It makes for a snug fit and you can be sure there will be good contact. This will negatively affect the life of the female side’s pin springiness .