Experience Design

Great product design creates an experience that deepens users' connections to your business and your brand. We develop digital brands, products and experiences that represent you in all your facets. Our goal for design is to create an experience that is both useful and enjoyable.

Experience Design, UX.
Design, Nutzerzentriert, User Interface, UI

Design must have a purpose

AppMatrix embodies the interface of design, technology, content and marketing. We explore and understand the needs of the persona, the unique values of our clients and the current performance metrics. Our approach is based on industry experience combined with data-driven analysis and research. Based on this, we create world-class interactive experiences and develop brands - We create groundbreaking digital experiences.

Our Design Services

For each project we put together the right design services for a tailor-made solution. Our expertise includes the following points:


Wireframing is a way to design a service on a structural level.

Conceptual Research

We put your concept to the acid test to optimize it with you.

Persona, Entwicklung

Persona Development

A method to understand and describe the needs of the target group(s).


We support you in creating an individual and authentic identity.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze the products and solutions of potential competitors.

Akzeptanz,Ethnographie, Nutzung, Tests, Architektur, Wireframing


In this process we design the structure of an information offer.

Responsive Webdesign, Design.

Responsive Design

Our designs are optimized for all end devices, whether laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Usability Tests

We test the usability of products and IT solutions.

Interface Design

We design the user interface of your IT solutions.

Ethnographic Methods

Interviews and participating observations help us to better understand the requirements of an IT solution.

Analyse, Statistik,

Analytics and Measurement

We analyze how your product is used by users to optimize it.

A/B Test

By testing different variants of an IT solution, we find the best possible version.

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