Participatory Development

This approach allows all relevant stakeholders to be involved throughout the development process to identify all requirements.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping enables us to quickly evaluate initial prototypes to obtain feedback from all relevant stakeholders early in the development process.

High Acceptance and Usability

Through our proven approach, we guarantee a high level of acceptance and usability of the IT solution in later use in the company.

Close cooperation with the customer

Our participative development approach enables an intensive exchange with our customers, so that the requirements can be comprehensively recorded, analyzed and evaluated.

We pursue an iterative development process, which is subdivided into individual milestones. When milestones are reached, a functional prototype is created and released to the customer for evaluation.

Software, Entwicklung, Kundenzentriert, Nutzerzentriert.

Overview of the basic aspects that we use when creating customer-specific software:

Skalierbarkeit, Offenheit


Planning of high quality platforms that can grow and evolve rapidly.

Performance, Steigerung, Geschwindigkeit


Optimization of the IT solution to ensure that it is stable even under the most severe conditions.

Modular, Module, Entwicklung, Software


Development of architectures that are openly coupled and continuously expandable.


Strengthening of digital IT systems against dangerous external (and internal) threats.

Entwicklung, Software, Einzigartig

What makes us unique?

The advancing digitalization redefines the market. AppMatrix employs software architects, product managers and global developers who are experts on the major software platforms (see below for an overview of our capabilities), making AppMatrix an ideal development partner for those who are serious about building and transforming their business.

Today, with so much diversity in technology tools, a critical aspect in the development of custom software is knowing what should NOT be used and not using technologies that have a short life cycle.

Overview of Skills

Here you will find an extract of our programming languages, technologies, frameworks and operating systems.

c,c#,c++, Software, Entwicklung C, C++, C#

Assembly, Software, Entwicklung Assembler

Java, Programmieren, Sprache Java

PHP, Software, Entwicklung PHP, JavaScript

Python, Programmieren, Sprache Python

Perl, Software, Entwicklung Perl

.net, Microsoft, Programmieren, Sprache .NET

OS, Betriebssysteme, Software, Entwicklung Linux, Windows, Android, iOs

Rails, Software, Entwicklung Ruby on Rails

jQuery, Software, Entwicklung jQuery

Spring, Software, Entwicklung Spring

Delphi, Software, Entwicklung Delphi

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