Consulting and Development from a Single Source - Understanding Complexity

Today's world is complex. The design and introduction of new technological concepts no longer takes place on a greenfield site, but must increasingly be measured against existing IT-based practices, because we are in the middle of the process of digitization, not at its beginning.

Beratung, Entwicklung, Partizipation
Vorstudie, Anforderungsanalyse

Preliminary Study

The pre-study helps to evaluate the IT solution in order to identify both opportunities and problems in advance.


Requirements Analysis

The analysis of the requirements supports you as customer and us as developer to identify the core features.

Multilingual, Integration, Integrationstests, Flexible Infrastruktur

Flexible Infrastructure

Flexible and scalable IT software solutions that adapt to your existing IT infrastructure.

Partizipative Entwicklung, Gemeinsame Entwicklung

Participatory Development

Through our approach, you as the customer are brought on board at every step to ensure a high level of acceptance.


Participative Software

In participative software development, the future user and all other stakeholders are already involved in the development in order to increase the ergonomics and usability as well as the acceptance of the final product. If all relevant stakeholders are involved in the system development processes, the chance is higher that the resulting systems and products will be developed exactly according to your wishes and ideas.

Adapted to
the Users

In today's world, software solutions must be adapted to the fast-paced and flexible nature of their users, and to this end, appropriate concepts and models must be developed that are up to the task and reflect these values. We at AppMatrix see ourselves in a pioneering role with our participative approach.

Userzentriert, Nutzerzentriert, Akzeptanz
Business Intelligence, BI, Analyse

Business Intelligence

To make the right decisions, you not only need to have all the important information, you also need to understand it. By implementing BI solutions, we help you collect and prepare relevant data so that it is easily available from anywhere and in an easy-to-use format. We work closely with you to define specific key performance indicators (KPIs), custom dashboards, and graphical tools that lead to fact-based business decisions.

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