Native Apps

AppMatrix develops native applications for the required mobile operating system. These include Android, iOS and Windows. The advantages of the operating system functions are used to provide a unique user experience.

Hybrid Apps

We help you build cross-platform web-based applications, set up real-time data synchronization with WebSockets, create a proof-of-concept application, and more.

Web Apps

Users require an experience that matches the device they are currently accessing. We develop web apps that work platform-independently (online, smartphone and tablet) and look impressive.

All from one source

It is difficult to find the right partner for mobile development. Our team has brought many different applications to market, so we know the different app stores.

 Apps in the App Store and Play Store

 Thousands of Downloads

 Optimization of App Store and Play Store Descriptions

We will be happy to help you with your idea right from the start.

Global market share operating systems

Source: Statista (September 2018)

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The right
solution for the right application

When developing mobile applications it is often not always necessary to develop a native app for Android and/or iOS, but it is also advantageous to look at other options (Hybrid App/Web App). We will be happy to guide you through the different options and find the right solution for you: dedicated mobile website with a responsive design, native app on different mobile operating systems and more.

Here you can count on our experience from different projects to find an individual solution with you.

Used Programming Languages

Here you will find an excerpt of programming languages that we master.

Java, Programmieren, Sprache Java


.net, Microsoft, Programmieren, Sprache .NET

Python, Programmieren, Sprache Phyton

Swift, Programmieren, Sprache Swift

React, Programmieren, Sprache React Native

HTML5, Programmieren, Sprache HTML5

Kotlin, Programmieren, Sprache Kotlin

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