Strategy/Concept Development

Our process of making great products starts with our workshops. We begin with listening and understanding and incorporate this important information into our design process, with our customers (and other stakeholders) as partners at every step.

Strategieentwicklung, Konzeptentwicklung, Konzept
QM,Qualitätssicherung,Apptests, Softwaretests

Quality Assurance

By conducting manual and automated app and software tests on various platforms, we guarantee a product that meets the highest quality standards. Each iteration step is accompanied by an evaluation.

GUI, Interface,Oberfläche, Responsive Design

GUI Tests

How do users use the interface? Where do users still have problems with the software solution? How can the user interface be optimized?

Akzeptanz,Ethnographie, Nutzung, Tests, Architektur, Wireframing

Acceptance Tests

Is the software solution also used and accepted in a real-world environment? Where is it used differently than intended?

Multilingual, Integration, Integrationstests, Flexible Infrastruktur

Integration Tests

How does the software solution work and interact with the existing IT infrastructure? Is there still a need for optimization?


Unit Tests

How do the individual components of the software behave? How does the software solution behave under heavy load?

IT Security

It is common knowledge today that significant threats to data and network security affect both individuals and businesses, and they are growing. Here's an overview of the cyber security and compliance challenges facing SMBs today and the actions companies must take to address them.

Cyberattacks on Industrial Enterprises

Source: Bitkom (May 2018)

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Support &

After the successful development of the app/software, we continue to provide professional support if the software solution is used in a real-world environment. Here it can come with several thousand users to unforeseen problems, which cannot be excluded also by constant evaluation during the development completely. We take care of this problem and solve it together with the customer.

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The new Basic
Data Protection Regulation

The European Union (EU) wants to strengthen the rights of EU citizens with regard to data protection with the new Basic Data Protection Regulation. In particular, it is intended to counteract the collection of personal data. The new Regulation applies to any person and any entity of any size who collects and processes personal data of EU citizens. This primarily affects service providers who are dependent on this data (including data processors of all kinds, but also third parties such as cloud providers).

The Basic Regulation also establishes many new framework conditions for companies, which will be punished with fines for non-compliance (up to a maximum of EUR 20 million or up to 4% of the total annual turnover worldwide).

The new Basic Data Protection Regulation has been in force since 25 May 2018. AppMatrix is aware of this and is already developing according to the conditions of the DSGVO.

The following innovations
are particularly relevant for development:

Data minimization

The software must be administerable by the user so that only the required data is used for specific purposes.

Delete function

A function for anonymisation/pseudonymisation of personal data should be available.

Personal data

The software should contain functions that support the user in the evaluation of personal data.

Technology-related data protection

The development process should take into account the requirements of data protection. Data protection-friendly default settings must already be activated on the software side.

Data security

Encryption procedures used must be comprehensibly documented. For this purpose, the software must contain authorization concepts that enable the use of the software in companies.


Data protection regulations must be transparent and visible in order to guarantee users the highest possible overview.

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